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Print and/or Digital Magazine Graphic Design & Layout for Real Estate, Health & Wellness & More!

Welcome to My Passion

Building print or digital magazines (or catalogs or newsletters)

that effectively deliver your message to your customers is my passion.

With almost 30 years of magazine publishing and printing industry

experience, let me save you time, money and headaches with client-friendly

workflows, great customer service and outstanding relationships with

some of the best printers in the United States.

More Than Just Graphic Design

Magazine design is important.

But so is having an incredible attention

to detail to juggle the intricacies that a

successful magazine demands.

I have almost 30 years of experience

in the magazine publishing and printing

industry and have learned to successfully

juggle these intricacies.

Start-Ups or Well Established

If you are starting up a magazine,

contact me below to discuss the many options you have - such as digital or print (or both). Print can still work well as an avenue to get your brand and website noticed. Digital works great if you have heavy website traffic and/or large email lists.

If you are a well-established entity and need

a fresh look, are wanting to save money or are yearning for a better relationship with your magazine designer, contact me below.


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Tell Me More!

Magazine design and layout (i.e.building magazines) is my passion. Affordable, professional and efficient graphic design of magazines, catalogs and brochures has been my pursuit for almost 30 years. Let me know more about your business or project, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible to discuss the unlimited possibilities.