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Digital Real Estate Marketing Magazines

Bring Your Real Estate Marketing to Life!

How? With a digital, online real estate marketing magazine that literally jumps off the page! Prepared like a traditional printed magazine (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly), RealtyZines offer:

  • The ability to add Virtual Tour, Video or Audio buttons to the pages.
  • Ability for the reader to download and read at their own pace - meaning more focused attention and less distraction than other online, email or social marketing.
  • No printing, shipping or delivery costs.
  • Less turnaround time from production to readers (no waiting on print delivery).
  • Ability to embed the RealtyZine directly onto your website.
  • Ability to utilize the RealtyZine link in your email and social marketing.
  • Formatting to work on phones, tablets and computers.
  • Circulation and viewership dictated by your email marketing lists plus visitors to your Social Sites (Facebook, Instragram, etc.). Your website will also drive traffic.
  • The ability to have any number of pages (not limited to the 4-page increments of traditional printing.
  • Per-page price (with no charge for pages that remain the same from issue to issue and discounts for pages with few changes) for easy budgeting and greater flexibility in design.

Utilize Your RealtyZine to:

  • Keep your listings up-to-date (and your buyers and sellers happy!)
  • Highlight Featured Properties
  • Promote your company, your website and your social sites.
  • Show market statistics.
  • Talk about the community.
  • Or, sell advertising to make profits with your RealtyZine!

Did You Know?

Magazines (digital or print) are an important marketing tool. According to the Pew Research Center, 91% of adults read magazines. And, more young adults in the 18-29 age range read magazines than use Facebook (95% vs. 81%). Who would have thought?


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